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  • Transition Assistance Program

    As many men and women leave military service and return to civilian life, they undergo a process known as the military to civilian transition.To assist military members and their families, a program was established called the Transition Assistance Program.

  • Transition Assistance Program changes lighten the load for IRs

    Until recently, IRs were required to complete the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) at the end of every set of orders of 180 or more days, even if they only had a one-day break in between.An update to the TAP guidance was recently published which included changes to make compliance with the

  • TAP virtual curriculum available to Individual Reservists

    Individual Reservists who need to complete the Congressionally-mandated Transition Assistance Program (TAP), but whose qualifying 180+ day Title 10 orders have already ended, may now complete the requirement virtually.The TAP mandate requires any reservist who has served an active-duty tour of 180