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  • IMA working group progressing in Phase II of comprehensive study

    Air Force Reserve Command’s Individual Mobilization Augmentee Strategic Review Team is progressing through Phase II of its thorough review of the IMA program to ensure the command’s 7,500 Individual Reservists receive proper administrative control and support to meet guidance established by the

  • Medical IMAs mobilized for historic COVID-19 response

    April 4th felt like a typical Saturday for Col. Ari Fisher, an Individual Mobilized Augmentee with the Air Force Medical Readiness Agency. After a busy week in his civilian job as a physician’s assistant at a gastroenterology clinic, Fisher was roused from a quick afternoon rest by his cell phone

  • TAP virtual curriculum available to Individual Reservists

    Individual Reservists who need to complete the Congressionally-mandated Transition Assistance Program (TAP), but whose qualifying 180+ day Title 10 orders have already ended, may now complete the requirement virtually.The TAP mandate requires any reservist who has served an active-duty tour of 180