Air Force Reserve Command career field managers adopt myVector

  • Published
  • By HQ/ARPC Public Affairs
  • Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center

Earlier this year, the Air Force introduced myVector, a virtual platform empowering Airmen to communicate their career goals more effectively with senior leaders within their career field.

"One of our core missions to develop current and future leaders within the Reserve force requires innovative approaches to spread the knowledge from the highest levels of Air Force Reserve leadership down to the individual reservists as efficiently as possible," Maj. Chanell Hunter, Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center assignment facilitator. "MyVector gets us one step closer to realizing that goal by providing a more effective dissemination tool."

To accommodate all reservists, myVector now has professional development questions tailored to specific grades and Air Force Specialty Codes, an upgrade from the previous system that did not allow this level of customization.

"Officer and enlisted development plans were static in nature due to the inability to customize what information career field managers wanted to know about its particular member," said Hunter. "This will give the senior leaders involved in the development team meetings more specific information when tailoring detailed vectors back to members and their leadership."

Additionally, myVector offers real-time records management functionality by granting access to vectors from past DTs, access to Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA) records, and detailed information on each Airman's career, allowing managers to see an Airman's complete career history.

"As a Career Field Manager, my goal is to get the right person in the right place at the right time," said Col. Trina Hood, Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command logistic career field manager. "The flexibility of myVector allows us to target specific audiences enabling robust deliberate career development and options for Airmen who choose to chart their own career path."

Members using myVector also have the ability to share more information with their mentors and career field managers than any platform has allowed up to this point.

"myVector is a simpler system for Airmen to use because it connects various platforms into one centralized location," said Hunter. "Airmen can use myVector to facilitate mentor relationships, update their development applications, and access their personnel records."

"The new system is quite intuitive and easy to navigate, which allows board members to quickly score records and place more focus on personalized vectors for our Airmen," echoed Hood.

Reservists will be able to access myVector for a certain window of time leading up to the Development Team, typically 120 days. Airmen will be notified by their career field managers via a myPers message when they are able to update their information prior to the convening of the board.