New HQ RIO website makes it easier to serve

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  • By Headquarters Readiness and Integration Organization Public Affairs

Headquarters Readiness and Integration Organization launched its independent website February 26, 2020.

HQ RIO’s website was previously part of Air Reserve Personnel Center’s site, but they branched out to make a resource dedicated solely to Individual Reservists, the roughly 8,000 reservists who are uniquely assigned to active component units and DoD agencies.

“We listened to our IRs and created an independent site that is organized and focused on their needs,” said Col. Amy Boehle, HQ RIO commander. “The HQ RIO site is a hub where IRs can easily find the guidance, forms, and information that are unique to their status.  IRs have a large number of tasks that they must submit themselves such as pay, reimbursement, orders, and readiness functions and it was important that this site be designed in a way that made it as easy as possible for our IRs to serve.”

The site took about five month to create and Staff Sgt. Tara R. Abrahams, HQ RIO public affairs journeyman, took the lead on the project. 

“The HQ RIO public affairs team planned how the site should be organized, and then I worked with our migration specialist, Sean Hall, to put it together,” she said. “Sean helped me find ways to make the site look modern and easy to navigate. We were always trying to keep the user in mind.”

The plan for the website was based on the recent update of the Individual Reservist Guide, which is the go-to for IRs. Each section of the website has the key points from the IR Guide along with related links and resources pertaining to each topic.

“We wanted to do whatever we could to make it quick and easy for IRs to get what they need,” Abrahams said.

Once the site was created, it was reviewed by various subject matter experts for accuracy.  The final step was a thorough review by the members of the IR Advisory Council.

“The IR Advisory Council members volunteer to advise HQ RIO to identify IR-based solutions and provide feedback and recommendations,” said Col. Gregory “GM” Kuzma, IR Advisory Council Program Manager.  “The comments and suggestions from the council members mean a great deal, and help us know the website is truly tailored to unique needs of our members.”

To visit HQ RIO’s new website, go to