916th Air Refueling Wing Airman Profile : Staff Sgt. Juntranek Powell

  • Published
  • By Jeramy Moore
  • 916th Air Refueling Wing
U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Juntranek Powell has been an administration specialist with the 916th Air Refueling Wing for almost six years.
Powell works in the 916th ARW finance section facilitating proper processing of travel vouchers so that members can get paid in timely manner. 
“Staff Sgt. Powell has been a great asset to the finance section,” said Jamie Braden, a reserve pay technician with the 916th ARW. “She readily stepped in to assume duties outside of her job and has been critical in setting up our new streamlined pay process. Airmen from all over the wing depend on her knowledge, guidance and helpfulness every day.”
Powell enlisted in the Air Force, following a family legacy. 
“My dad and grandfather were in the armed forces, so the military was always an option for me,” said Powell. “I joined the Air Force to travel and to take advantage of all the other unique opportunities that it offers.” .
She reflects positively on her service.
“The Air Force has taught me to embrace growth,” said Powell.
 “I also have had great supervisors that helped me learn to contribute in different ways.“ 
An experience that stands out includes her time working directly for the Air Force Reserve Command Chief. 
“It was an amazing experience,” said Powell. “I remember traveling with her and hearing her tell her story. She was so confident and enthusiastic when she conveyed her truth, that inspired me. One day, I want to be able to share my journey and move people the same way she does.”
“I invited SSgt. Powell to AFRC to be my personal trip coordinator,” said Chief Master Sgt. Erica Kelly, the AFRC command chief. “In her time here, she coordinated with executives all throughout the Air Force for administrative and scheduling task. As a result of her exposure and work ethic, I saw tremendous growth in her. It was an honor having her here.”
Powell has served in a number of different capacities and locations in her young career.
“I deployed last year and that was my first time overseas,” said Powell. “To be in another country working with great people and becoming acquainted with a new culture was a very rewarding experience.”
Her first trip overseas left a lasting impression on her.
“During my deployment, my commander and command chief took me to see an ancient German castle, I just remember it was really beautiful,” said Powell. “Later, we stopped by the town square and saw the little shops and ate at a really nice restaurant. It was great to be overseas experiencing something new.”
Looking forward, Powell has her sights set on some very specific goals.
“I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance and eventually, I want to commission into the Air Force,” said Powell. 
“So far, as long as I gave my all and I was honest with my work, new doors have opened up for me, it’s been blessing after blessing,” said Powell. “I’ll continue doing that in the future. I think that’s how new opportunities present themselves in life.“
Powell credits much of her success to her support system.
“My work ethic comes from my parents, they are both very diligent with their work and I’m grateful they taught me that,” said Powell. “I also get a lot of encouragement from the rest of my family, they show me so much love and support.“
“One thing I want people to know about me is that I try to put out the type of energy I want to receive.” said Powell. “I want to keep God first, and give my all in everything I do.”