Enlisted IRs have until May 21 to submit STEPII applications

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  • Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization

Individual Reservists who wish to meet the 2018 Stripes for Exceptional Performers II (STEP II) promotion board must submit their nomination packages to their servicing HQ RIO Detachment May 21, 2018.

STEP II is a commander’s program designed to promote outstanding and well deserving enlisted Air Force Reserve members to one grade above the authorized grade for their position. Only those Airmen who clearly demonstrate outstanding potential will be considered for promotion under STEP II. Promotions are based on a demonstrated ability to serve in the next higher grade.

IMAs and PIRRs (E5 – E8) interested in the program must work with their supervisor and/or unit reserve coordinator (URC) to assemble a nomination package. The supervisor and/or URC must submit this package to the member’s servicing HQ RIO Detachment via email or myPers incident. To submit in myPers, go to https://mypers.af.mil/app/ask, select “Air Reserve” and “Promotions” from the drop down menus, upload required documents and submit.

HQ RIO will route applications to ARPC by June 10 and the board convenes July 23-27.

Nominations should be submitted to the member's servicing HQ RIO Detachment via email or myPers incident. 

Complete information on the STEP II program is available in the 2018 STEP II Guide, including eligibility, package and submission guidelines, sample forms and board information.

Basic eligibility and nomination package requirements are below.


  • Nominees must meet all eligibility requirements in accordance with AFI 36-2502, Enlisted Airman Promotion/Demotion Program, para 8.9, except time-in-grade and time-in-service at the time nominations are due to ARPC, June 10. 
  • STEP II promotions are limited to one grade over the authorized grade of the occupied UMD position. 
  • Satisfactory participation for the previous 12 month period from the nominationdate
  • Individuals must be able to obtain 24 month retainability from the promotion effective date before being considerd for promotion to E7-E9. 
  • Current, passing fitness score
  • Possess a conferred CCAF degree at the time of nomination for consideration for promotion to E8-E9

Nomination packages must include the following:

  • STEP II Checklist – Signed by HQ RIO/CC and ARPC/CCC, confirming that all promotion eligibility requirements are met
  • AF 1206 (Sample)- single-spaced bullet format covering any specific accomplishments within a member's career and not refelected in the three most recent EPRs. The 1206 must contain the squadron commander's, or equivelent, signature only. The front of the AF Form 1206 consists of bullet statements of no more than 35 lines, which includes the following mandatory headings: 
    • SSgt/TSgt: Job Performance in Primary Duty, Leadership and Followership, and Whole Airman Concept
    • MSgt/SMSgt: Leadership and Job Performance in Primary Duty and Whole Airman Concept.
  • AF 224 – Required for all nominations (E6-E7 Sample) (E8-E9 Sample)
  • A printout from the Air Force Fitness Management System II (AFFMS II) documenting a current and passing fitness test
  • Individuals nominated for STEP II to the rank of chief master sergeant must sign a Statement of Understanding acknowledging the Chief Orientation Course requirement. Members must attend prior to promotion effective date (Sample)
  • Signed Reserve Service Commitment contract (Sample) (only required for packages being considered for E7-E9)

ARPC/DPAF will pull each nominee's last three EPRs and career data brief. Questions should be directed to the member's servicing HQ RIO Detachment.