New EPME course phases out Course 15

  • Published
  • Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization

Individual Reservists who are currently enrolled in Course 15 may take advantage of an updated version of that course, June 1, per a memo from Air Education and Training Command.

To participate in the updated material, called Non-Commissioned Officer Distance Learning Course, IRs must disenroll from Course 15 and enroll in the new course. Students who choose this option will need to start from the beginning of NCO DLC.

If members wish to complete Course 15, they must do so by Sept. 30, 2018.

Any student not enrolled in Course 15 as of June 1 must enroll in NCO DLC.

The NCO DLC offers students an enhanced distance learning experience while providing Airmen institutional competency development as they progress through the continuum of enlisted education. Course enhancements designed to increase the students' ability to learn the material and pass the course include improved content quality divided into three separate modules, more practice questions in each chapter and a formative (practice) test after each module to help students gauge their comprehension of the material before taking the summative test, and a summative test after each module (replaces two summative tests in the current course).

Questions about the new course should be directed to Enlisted Professional Military Education Distance Learning Student Support by calling (334)416-1736/DSN 596-1736 or submitting a ticket at