UTA Schedule

916 ARW

FY 2017

3-4 Jun 17

15-16 Jul 17

5-6 Aug 17

9-10 Sep 17

FY 2018

 14-15 Oct 18

4-5 Nov 17

2-3 Dec 17

6-7 Jan 18

10-11 Feb 18

10-11 Mar 18

7-8 Apr 18

17-20 May 18 (Super UTA)

2-3 Jun 18


4-5 Aug 18

8-9 Sep 18


Welcome to the public Website for the 916th Air Refueling Wing, Air Force Reserve, located at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C.

The peacetime mission of the 916th Air Refueling Wing is to develop and maintain the operational capability of its subordinate units, to train and equip more than 950 reserve component members and 260 active component members, and to maintain sixteen KC-135R aircraft for worldwide operational commitments. 

The wing has 16 subordinate units in three groups and one flight: the 916th Maintenance Group, the 916th Mission Support Group, the 916th Operations Group and the 916th Aerospace Medicine Flight. Subordinate units include the 911th Air Refueling Squadron, an active associate squadron with operations and maintenance members. 

Possible taskings for the Operations and Maintenance Groups include air refueling, cargo/troop transport, emergency aeromedical evacuation and emergency war order support. Possible taskings for the Mission Support Group include the support provided by its professionals in its Communications, Civil Engineer, Logistics, Security Forces and Services organizations. The wing's medical professionals ensure all its members are fit and ready to go.