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  • Department of the Air Force Leaders direct second IG Disparity Review

    The review follows the department’s 2020 Racial Disparity Review released in Dec. 2020 and expands its focus into three additional racial categories (Asian, American Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander), gender, and one additional ethnic category (Hispanic/Latinx).

  • 916th Air Refueling Wing Welcomes KC-46 Pegasus

    The 916thAir Refueling Wing accepted its first of twelve KC-46A Pegasus aircraft on 12 Jun 2020 in a small ceremony marking the occasion. The Chief of Air Force Reserve, Lt Gen Richard W. Scobee, and his Senior Enlisted Advisor, Chief MSgt Timothy C. White Jr., served as delivery officials and were

  • Reserve Citizen Airmen among Spark Tank 2020 selectees

    Spark Tank also offers Airmen the opportunity to get their ideas in front of key enabling agencies that can share expertise and resources such as funding or personnel for the projects being presented and demonstrate pathways for intrapreneurs to make their initiatives successful.

  • Bye-Bye KC-135 Stratotanker, Hello KC-46 Pegasus

    Thursday, Dec. 5,2019, three members of the 77th Air Refueling Squadron took their final flight on a KC-135 Stratotanker. The week of 8-14 Dec, they took with them a combination of over 10,000 flying hours and over 50 years of experience on a KC-135 to become the first 77 ARS members trained on the

  • The 6th Tail Out

    The 916th continues to bid farewell to the KC-135, making aircraft 3528 the sixth to be divested from the wing and the fifth to be acquired by the 92nd Air Refueling Wing.

  • Your next big idea could be a hop skip and Lhavi away

    Nathaniel Torres, a self-proclaimed analytical thinker, launched Lhavi, a transportation service in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, June 25, 2019. “I’ve always been an analytical thinker,” said Torres, a member of the 916th Maintenance Group management analysis unit and a project manager with Duke

  • 916 ARW Bids Farewell to an Oldie But Goodie

    The fourth KC-135 Stratotanker to be divested from the 916th Air Refueling Wing, sits on the flightline of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, Oct. 22, 2019.

  • What you don't know can hurt you

    The 916th Air Refueling Wing discuss psychological health in the Air Force and the resources available to help Airmen manage life obstacles.